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Manager, Seasonal Marketing, Walmart.com

San Bruno, Calif. (San Francisco Bay Area)

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What you'll do at Walmart.com

Job Opportunities

Berry College

Director, Student Diversity Initiatives

Mount Berry, Ga.

From Mr. Fields Jackson of Racing Toward Diversity magazine.

Job Opportunities

Universal Orlando

Manager, Talent Sourcing

Orlando, Fla.

From Mr. Craig Robinson, EVP and Chief Diversity Officer, NBCUniversal.

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Assistant Director, Diversity & Inclusion


Innovative ways for your business to find savings

  1. Occupancy sensors. If no one is using certain areas in your facility, why are you paying to light, heat or cool those spaces? Occupancy sensors make lighting more sustainable by not constantly illuminating sporadically occupied areas – such as breakrooms, restrooms, loading docks, seldom-used passageways and storage areas.
  2. Telecommuting. If you don’t need staff on hand, allowing employees to telecommute could help reduce costs. Getting the same production with less overhead gives a big boost to your business’s bottom line.


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